I want to liquidate my Company

There are a lot of things to work through if you are considering Liquidating your company. However, before you do go down this path, call us and discuss your situation. You may be surprised at what other options are available to you.

If Liquidation is your best option then we can work with you to prepare for your company’s Liquidation. This is very important. Failure to prepare properly may result in you losing it all.

DO NOT CALL A LIQUIDATOR DIRECT! Liquidators are not your friend and calling one directly may be the worst choice you ever make! (click here to read our section on Liquidation)

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Do I Liquidate?

First things first. We need to determine if Liquidation is the best option for you. Complete the Liquidation Evaluation form and send it through to us, or simply call us on 1300 255 059 and we can discuss your situation (free of charge). It is important that your decision is a commercial decision, simply based on facts and figures. Often this is a very difficult time for a company owner and they become very emotionally involved in the situation. This emotional attachment often distracts them from the core facts of the situation and they find it difficult to make the decision based on commercial statistics. We can do this for you.

Free Online COMPANY Evaluation – CLICK HERE

What Happens Next?

If it is determined that Liquidation is your best option, there is a lot of work to do to prepare. Liquidation is not simply a process of allowing a Liquidator to help you get your business back on track. It is ‘Liquidation’ and the name describes what happens. Regardless of what you want to happen, the appointed Liquidator has one goal, to sell everything and liquidate it to pay your creditors. That’s where we step in. We prepare everything so in many cases you can retain many of your assets, remain in business and protect as many of your business and personal assets as possible. Do not leave this process to chance. Done wrong it can and will be devastating to you and everything you have worked so hard for. We will ensure that only what needs to be liquidated is liquidated. We also take care of all of the dealings with the Liquidator, legal proceedings, creditor’s meeting and so forth. We try and keep you insulated from the process of the situation to allow you some breathing space to start moving forward as soon as possible.

Free Online COMPANY Evaluation – CLICK HERE

How much will it cost?

This depends on what needs to be done, the size of your business, the number of debts and assets within the business and the amount of work that needs to be performed. Once you have completed the Liquidation Evaluation (below) we can give you a relatively accurate fixed price on what it will cost.

There is no cost involved in contacting us and providing us with the information so that we can determine your best option. Once we have worked out what is best for you we will provide you with the options that are available to you and let you know the price of each of these options. You then decide which option you would like to take knowing the cost of each one.

Free Online COMPANY Evaluation – CLICK HERE

Call us for a free NO OBLIGATION discussion or email us to find out more.

Ph: 1300 255 059

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